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Snow Goose is no longer supported or sold.

After working hard to produce an amazing integration for charities, we feel we have succeeded in producing something that would really help the job of a fundraiser in any charity using Salesforce.

However, what we have not succeeded in is selling it. Perhaps we had a bad strategy, maybe we aren’t good at sales, or perhaps charities just want everything for free and aren’t will to pay for software even if it has a great ROI. Whatever the reason, as we cannot afford to keep developing or supporting Snow Goose, we are shutting it down.

Charities who were once paying customers can continue to use it free of charge for another year until Feb 28, 2018, though it will be unsupported during this time.

We Integrate with Everything

Your Donors and Fundraisers keep interacting with the same trusted websites.

But now, you get the data in Salesforce.

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Trusted by Charities Throughout the UK


Snow Goose can help any charity that Fundraises and uses Salesforce.

For charities with over 10,000 donations annually, or over £250,000 annual revenue through fundraising platforms, please talk to us or a partner. For charities with less than that amount, please approach partners directly.

Snow Goose Enables Lightning Fast (and Accurate) Imports


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