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Your Donors and Fundraisers keep interacting with the same trusted websites.

But now, you get the data in Salesforce.

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Trusted by Charities Throughout the UK


Snow Goose can help any charity that Fundraises and uses Salesforce.

For charities with over 10,000 donations annually, or over £250,000 annual revenue through fundraising platforms, please talk to us or a partner. For charities with less than that amount, please approach partners directly.

Snow Goose Enables Lightning Fast (and Accurate) Imports

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Qualified partners can help you evaluate Snow Goose

Red River Projects logo - partner to Snow Goose, Fundraising with Salesforce
Red River Projects provides Salesforce related consultancy to nonprofit organisations and charities in the UK. Red River Projects is different from other Salesforce implementation companies because of its long history and knowledge of the UK nonprofit sector.
Real Systems - Salesforce Fundraising partner for Snow Goose  
Real Systems is a social enterprise run by the homelessness charity Broadway. Real Systems creates and manages information systems which help agencies to work effectively with clients, improve services and demonstrate outcomes, and offers a dedicated team, with a proven track-record of implementing complex projects on time, and to budget.
Third Sector IT - partner for Snow Goose, helping UK Charities with Fundraising on Salesforce
Third Sector IT was formed to help charities and social enterprises achieve their aims. Third Sector IT’s goal is to become your trusted partner and help you to achieve your goals by first removing any technological obstacles in your path, and then using technology to leverage your abilities.

If you’re a prospective partner and would like to learn how Snow Goose can help charities, and also help your consulting organisation, please get in touch with us.

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If you have a question that isn’t covered by this website, feel free to email us directly at

Please keep in mind Snow Goose is currently only for UK charities.